Friday, August 23, 2013

Writing sample

Immersion Assembly

Coming to school on the first day of the team 3 I came running to school because I was so late that I came to school at 8.45 my classroom were lining up when I turned the corner I saw miss squires come out “OHH NO I said to myself” she outside waiting for people to get out the classroom so she can close the door I went as fast as I could to try and make it in the door before she had close it.

I got there in “time and she said why are u late frankie” I said because I woke up late sorry miss  squires she said you're likely next time come to school early okay I said to her sure I will make sure.

I went inside I put away my bag. When i packed away my bag i went outside and lined up and locked the door. we went to the hall for Immersion Assembly i could see wicked teachers wearing different clothes on and wigs on there hair i said to myself they looked funny and weird.

And Mr Burt came out and said my name is james  i am going to tell you’s a story  who i am and guess what i think you should like me because something something then he said let give it over to team 1 they were doing and act i said i looks cool and interesting to watch.          


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  1. U need to fix your work I said my classroom where lining up it is meant to be was lining up.

    Then u said waiting for people to get out the classroom so she can close the door it is meant to be waiting for the people to get in to the classroom so i can close the door.


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